Due to numerous changes and schedule adjustments during this particular time, we will not be publishing news here…

Please follow the artists on their personal pages and facebook to know their actual commitments or write us at gall@irenegall.net for more information. Thank you!

  • Maria Teresa Leva

    Maria Teresa Leva - Soprano

  • Anna Maria Chiuri

    Anna Maria Chiuri - Mezzosoprano

  • Jana Kurucova

    Jana Kurucova - Mezzosoprano

  • Chiara Tirotta

    Chiara Tirotta - Mezzosoprano

  • Luciano Ganci

    Luciano Ganci - Tenor

  • Pietro Spagnoli

    Pietro Spagnoli - Baritone

  • Giampaolo Bisanti

    Giampaolo Bisanti - Conductor

  • Leonardo Sini

    Leonardo Sini - Conductor

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